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Processing of various kinds of soy sauce in Shanghai, processing of soy sauce OEM, Korean / Chinese

This special food Suzhou sauce factory occupied an area of 2200 square meters, construction area of 8000 square meters. Fixed assets of about 10000000 yuan, is a seasoning customized processing plant, seasoning expert, mainly engaged in sauce processing, powder processing, vinegar package processing, oil package processing, OEM processing business. For making noodles, instant noodles, rice noodles, instant vermicelli, wonton filling, cloud chaos and other manufacturers supporting the soy sauce, vinegar, powder bag, bag bag and other seasonings. In addition, seasoning processing for large chain catering group customized for special purposes, such as hot pot sauce, braised chicken sauce noodles, sauce, Hot pot seasoning, take food seasoning, Malatang seasoning. It has now provided high quality services for more than 300 processing customers, which can be tailored to the taste you want to meet your needs.

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